Feature Request - Subdirectories, email

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Feature Request - Subdirectories, email

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When time is available, I'd like to ask for some options that would be useful for me -- and I think for other users as well.

First is an option to only compare files within each subfolder to each other. Obviously, they would have to be files with different file names -- but possibly with the same content.

If, for example, you have a music collection, you might have a folder with your Bob Dylan tracks or a specific Dylan CD, and another with "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie" which includes some Dylan tracks along with many others -- you want to eliminate any duplicates within each those two folders, but you don't want to delete songs just because they appear in both of those folders.

The second is an option to compare .EML (email) files that would be similar to comparing MP3s -- possibly something like you allowing you to specify whether to compare just sender, receiver and timestamp, or all headers or all headers + message content, or just message content.

Just about all mail programs can export to EML (directly or through a converter). Many of us who have used many email programs over the years have ended up with large sets of email archives in different formats. It would make them more useful if we could convert them all to EML, eliminate duplicates, and them re-import them into our current favorite system.

Thanks in advance for any consideration
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