Feature Request: Total Files in Folder

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Feature Request: Total Files in Folder

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I have found that many times when my search results are complete, I am double-clicking the folder path of each file to see how many other files are in the same folder. I think it would be incredibly helpful if there was a "Total files in folder" column (or similar name) that when each search group is expanded, you could see the number of total files that are in the same folder as each duplicate file.

For example, there are times when one of the duplicate files in the group is the only file in its folder (but I have to open the folder to see that), and the other duplicate file has 30 total files in its folder. This often helps me decide which duplicate I want to delete, but having to open the folder separately for each duplicate file just to see the total files takes a long time, especially if there are a lot of files in the search results.

As part of this feature, it would also be useful if the "Select all files" button had two new additional options related to the total files in folder count:
-Select all files except the file with the highest total files in folder
-Select all files except the file with the lowest total files in folder
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