Automating Search Results Actions

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Automating Search Results Actions

Post by popalu »

First of all, fantastic program, does nearly everything I need :)

I have set this up with the command line options, to check a shared directory on my home network, which is shared by the whole family (6 of us), sometimes duplicate files/images/mp3 files are placed here, with varying spellings, etc, which I want to be able to sort, but I want to avoid having to review the files after each search action.

When run as a test, it identifies the duplicates correctly, but presents me with a search results menu, to make decisions on what to do with the files.

I wondered if there is a further command line option or other way, which allows me to automate the moving of the duplicates files, apart from the original, into a Dupe folder, for later checking, as this folders contains a lot of files.

i.e. If the folder contains 3 copies of the same file, I want a way to automate the moving of the 2 identified duplicates to a separate DUPE folder, for checking later, leaving a single copy of the original file in the directory. I have set the search option to keep the oldest create date of the file, then set the action to move to a backup folder and this all works manually, but I want a way to automate this process, so I can run the program with command line options and have it identify and moves all dupes to a folder in one action, allowing me to review the moved files later. I have 2TB NAS box, with lots of files on it, so clearing it down and removing dupes to free up space, with me deleting dupes by checking later, makes this task a lot quicker.

Obviously I will only delete, if I'm sure, which is why I'm moving them to a dupe folder for checking.

Is this possible?
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Re: Automating Search Results Actions

Post by Administrator »

Sorry, there are no hidden command-line options to control the functions of the search result.

I guess u can automate your task if u set up a hotkey for all the necessary menu functions u need and use a freeware like "AutoIt" to automate the whole clicking process...
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Re: Automating Search Results Actions

Post by joe6072572883 »


I too am a new user and this seems to be a very powerful program that comes close to doing everything I need. I am also using it on a remote drive, I figured out how to point it at that by accident, trying to get it to spit out some command line help. Now that I have been able to look over the command line switches, I seem to be seeing the same thing the OP ran into, a lack of any way to do anything useful with the results. Ideally I would like to save on copy of what it thinks are dupes and delete the rest. That being said, if there was a switch to just delete everything it thins is a dupe, that would be be awful either. None of the stuff I am using it on is critical. Is there a chance of adding a del dupes switch or ideally a del dupes switch that say keeps the version with the earliest or latest time stamp or something? It seems like you have done all the work and this would just be a bit more command line parsing.
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Re: Automating Search Results Actions

Post by therube »


Once you've found (& selected) your dups, does not the "File Manager" allow you to 'Move files to a folder'...

Or are you saying that you would like to accomplish all of that directly from a command line?
(Oh, so you're looking for something like [in a different realm] Bulk Rename Utility [GUI program] which also has a (separate) Bulk Rename Command Line [command line only] that can do much of what the GUI can do, or NirSoft who supports both GUI & command-line on virtually all of his programs.)
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