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AllSync won't let me use it.

Posted: 17 Dec 2008, 12:32
by Nemea
I am still within the 21 day trial period, but I keep getting a nag message that my usage is too large to possibly be for personal use. Actually, I have all of my music on my computer, which is a sizable collection, and all my (amateur) photographs. I have it set to Automatically synchronize. How can I get this program to work for me? I really like it, but this is pissing me off.


Re: AllSync won't let me use it.

Posted: 17 Dec 2008, 14:28
by Administrator
Please, can you send me a screenshot of this nag message? I don't know any message that tell the user something like this.

Posted: 18 Dec 2008, 00:15
by Nemea
Haven't been able to take a screenshot. Basically, a little flag appears coing out of the icon in my tray that interrupts whatever else I am doing and won't go away unless I go directly to the program and exit. When I open the program here is the message as it appears in the allwaysync window: "Measurements indicate usage in excess of typical personal requirements. Please buy AllwaySync Pro or enter license key if you have already done so. You will be able to use the free version once usage statistics for the past 30 days return to moderate levels. Note: changing the system time may result in improper file synchronization" It won't allow me to perform synchronization at all.

Okay, first: If the free version is supposed to have no restrictions for 21 days, why is this happening?

Second: Why on earth would someone pay for AllwaySync Pro hoping to return to the free version in a month?

Third: Is there a way to continue with my free trial (I installed this program on Dec. 2, 2008) ?


Posted: 18 Dec 2008, 00:33
by Administrator
Sorry, but you are at the wrong support forum with your questions. Please compare our product name with the product name of the software you have installed. Got it? ;-)

Posted: 18 Dec 2008, 02:05
by Nemea
:oops: Oops! Sorry about that, chief maybe should try your program instead lol!