Access Denied Errors

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Access Denied Errors

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Performing a sync from a file server to a local workstation (Win7 Pro) I get "access denied" error messages for certain files.
I am copying over 200,000 files and the error only occurs on 2500 of them. There are 20 folders at the root of the drive mapped to the file server - all the errors occur in a folder named Business, which has 60 folders at its root, and the errors are in only 20 of those folders. The errors are not limited to a particular kind of file or file attribute.

I can access and open the files on the mapped drive without any issues. I can manually copy the files to another location on the local hard drive.

The copy process creates the folders where the files should be copied, but does not copy the files.

I can access all the other folders and files that were copied, but when I go to open the "Business" folder on the local drive, I get an error message that: "You don't currently have permission to access this folder. Click continue to permanently get access to this folder". After I click continue I can access the folder and the files within the folder.

After opening a folder which should contain files but doesn't because of the AllSync error (and thereby "permanently" acquiring access to that folder) I have rerun the AllSync profile and those files are still not copied.

Any thoughts?
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