Exact Copy of File/Folder Structure

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Exact Copy of File/Folder Structure

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I have AllSync Version 3.5.64, Home Edition. I would like to use it to copy files and folders exactly with their structure and file attributes and permissions etc.. from a computer across a network to a NAS unit. Are there any settings I should be changing in a default profile, such as with the 'Copy Rules' so that everything is replicated exactly as a mirror copy? For example, I can see the option for 'Transfer access permissions of files and folders'. I'm not sure if this should be ticked. I did a quick test of a few files and folders, but couldn't see looking at file properties what difference it made with this option enabled. Though I only did do a quick test. It is important that I copy everything exactly the same including file attributes and permissions. However I can see the latter maybe a problem as the source files which are from an MS Windows PC, NFTS files system are being copied to a NAS unit, Linux system.

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Re: Exact Copy of File/Folder Structure

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The copy mode "1:1 copy" should do the job.

btw: You can't transfer windows permissons to a NAS drive.
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