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Start File Search by Extension

Post by MrLatino » 03 Oct 2012, 04:48

I did a full scan on a network drive which contains multiple of subfolders. Under the "Files" window I noticed where I'm able to do a search for a file. But it only works if I'm under that certain folder where the file is located. I have two questions.

1. After scanning the network drive. Is there a way to search a file where it will scan through the whole selected network drive including all the subfolders?

2. Is there a way to search for a file by its extension? Per say I do a search for *.*.ost and it will only generate a list of all the .ost files along with its location.


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Re: Start File Search by Extension

Post by Administrator » 03 Oct 2012, 15:55

1) no
2) no

GetFolderSize was not made for searching a specific file inside a folder structure. Please use the search box of the windows explorer to find a file inside a folder structure: ... lorer/3915