subfolder levels

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subfolder levels

Post by job00m » 15 Jun 2012, 12:12

im looking to run the getfoldersize via task scheduler and generate a report so im using:
getfoldersize.exe -s "c:\log.txt" "c:\"

if I use getfoldersize.exe -s1 "c:\log.txt" "c:\" to get first level subfolder i get:
c:\documents and settings\all users
c:\programs files\getfoldersize
and so on

i just need the size for all the folders unders c:\ like:
c:\documents and settings
c:\programs files
and so on

What command to use to get this? it can be done via gui but cant do it in command line.

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Re: subfolder levels

Post by Administrator » 15 Jun 2012, 16:15

I could reproduce and fix the problem. Please drop me an email for a new update.