Scheduled updating of information

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Scheduled updating of information

Post by Tigs1962 » 28 Sep 2011, 20:31

First let me congratulate you on GetFoldeSize. There are a number of programs that perform similar functions, but GFS handles Server platforms, which is what I require.

I ran GetFolderSize today on the Data drive of one of my servers to view usage. It took quite a long time to populate the information.
I would like to review this information each day and was wondering if there is a way to schedule GFS to run at a set time of day to update the information? I do not need the info to be accurate to the minute. I am only interested in a daily report.

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Re: Scheduled updating of information

Post by Administrator » 29 Sep 2011, 14:41

You can use the windows task scheduler to run GetFolderSize at a specific time every day. Example of a command line command:

GetFoldersize.exe "C:\Windows"