Folder Duplicate

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Folder Duplicate

Post by intranetsnob »


For folder deletion, instead of specific files in the folders, is there a way to delete the 'folder' itself and when the folder deletes, the content inside it as well.


I want to compare Drive 1 and Drive 2, duplicate folder in the drives to be identified and I can choose Drive 2 and remove the duplicate folders.

Thank you.
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Re: Folder Duplicate

Post by Administrator »

No, thats not possible. AllDup can find only duplicates files.
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Re: Folder Duplicate

Post by «G~Lí†çh» »

Hmm, I think, request was incorrect. Find folders containing existing copies (group !different files!) — the best way to find a folder containing a lot of dupes:
a) doesn't contain unique files (i.e. temporary collection) — one color: remove this folder / save files in different places;
b) contains unique files (i.e. favorites collection) — second color: remove other copies / save files only in that folder;
Select all files in the group, ALT+ENTER = files properties
Select a group, Alt+Enter = folder properties
Maybe, there is need to add a feature to merge folders and remove empty =)
!+ Group by Creation Date / Last Modified Date too;

I don't like looking at every duplicate and choosing every path. It could have been done much easier. And so with each duplicate.
«Deselect all files recursively in a specific folder» — Forget about "Select a folder" dialog because of 'missing' CHECKBOXES:
OMG, There is no CHECKBOXES.png
+ Need a feature to «Select FRAGMENTED dupes»! Maybe later: [De-Dupe & Defrag!]
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Re: Folder Duplicate

Post by mz1888 »

The original request of removing a complete folder can already be accomplished by the "select all files inside the folder structure of this file". Since the feature cannot remember or guess the folder that would be selected, it'd major pain for users when processing a high number of folders.

First, AllDup would find the duplicates regardless of the folder structures. The problem is the presentation of result and the GUI preventing users from taking actions. If sort by path or tree view is allowed, the users can simply select and simultaneously confirm all files within the folders are selected and proceed with actions.

Secondly, not all actions involved in deleting. The users may just want to re-folder those files. The presentation already made this difficult, the Java-based interface made scrolling very slow, no direct support for disk actions within the GUI and even if done in the Windows environment the re-foldering would be extremely slow. Yes, it's always possible to do this parallelly in the command line but it'd still be a daunting task when the dataset is large.

Lastly, folding is an important way to organized similar files. Users can pre-filter by foldering files, include or exclude a folder from search. Many users complained AllDup is not multi-threaded or not fast enough, because they have no ways to break up a large task into smaller ones and run them serially. And foldering was one of the remedies.

So I expect variants of such requests to keep coming. It's because AllDup kept finding dups and users kept using it thus pushed passed its boundaries.
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Re: Folder Duplicate

Post by apsen »

It would be nice to be able to see which 2+ folders are completely identical but that would require significant effort to code. So not very hopeful for that to ever make the cut...
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