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Delete all duplicates from a hard drive

Posted: 04 Dec 2019, 00:15
by abrimaal
I had a drive for backup, but it became too small. I bought a new drive and made a new full backup there.
Now, I want to compare byte by byte all files, all folders on the original drive and the old backup drive,
because I could delete a file by mistake on the original drive.
It may take hours or even days, because there are many thousands of files.

When AllDup displays results, I want to delete all duplicate files from the old backup. To leave only these that don't exist on the original drive.
How can I perform this operation "delete all duplicates from drive J: (old backup) with a single click"?
When there are a few files I can manually select checkboxes what to delete, when there are a few thousands it would take years.

Re: Delete all duplicates from a hard drive

Posted: 04 Dec 2019, 02:04
by therube
I'd start small.
Select only a single directory, or a few directories, on each end to get a feel for how things will work out.

After you've run your scan, found your dups, select a file that is on J:, then right-click context-menu, Select all files inside the folder structure of this file.

A tree should pop up, go all the way to the top, & select J:.

That should mark all the duplicates on J:.


During the selection, I'd think you'd want...

Source: -> Compare only files between different source folders
Also "lock" your new drive (lets say it's C:) by placing a checkmark on that drive's "lock" icon.

Re: Delete all duplicates from a hard drive

Posted: 05 Dec 2019, 00:35
by abrimaal
This method works PERFECTLY.
First I selected the largest folders to compare on both drives, selected all on the old backup drive, deleted them.
What remained I moved to a new folder.
Then compared again all folders, because the same files could be moved since the backup.
When the operation finished, only about 10 files remained, that did not exist in the original location.
Mainly these were files that I deleted manually, because of low quality.
Thanks a lot, I really did not know what to select in the right-click menu.