AllDup like for Linux

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AllDup like for Linux

Post by sismeiro » 29 Nov 2019, 23:21

Hi All,

AllDup is the best duplicate finder tool ever, no question about that. Unfortenately is only available for Windows.

Does anyone knows something like AllDup that I can run in Linux? Any chance of having a Linux port someday?

Thank you.

Luis Sismeiro

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Re: AllDup like for Linux

Post by Administrator » 29 Nov 2019, 23:43

sismeiro wrote:
29 Nov 2019, 23:21
Any chance of having a Linux port someday?
Sorry, there will be no linux port. We only develp for the windows platform.

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Re: AllDup like for Linux

Post by villeneuve » 06 May 2020, 17:53

@sismeiro I also love AllDup but my usage of Windows operating systems is getting less and less. Unfortunately but also not surprisingly given the awesomeness of AllDup there is no full substitute for Linux. The often mentioned software solutions for that task are sometimes very bad overall or lack very important features to the point at which you could sort out duplicates in the same time by yourself. The best alternative I found is using both DupeGuru (read it's well written manual since it explains the workflow quickly) and Detwinner (I found it to be similar like the old DoubleKiller for Windows, so more manual work by the user needed) depending on the circumstances but also the combination of these two programs will not reach the functionality which you're accustomed to with AllDup. So maybe your best best is trying AllDup via Crossover, Wine or it's variant Play-on-Linux or just make the folders in question available as Samba shares and access them via LAN from a Windows machine running AllDup. I hope these hints help you!

@Administrator: First of all congrats on creating something as great as AllDup! It can be a bit overwhelming and confusing at first sight but once the user has understood the workflow it's awesome! I'm sad to hear of course, that you're not into cross-platform software development. It's the future! :P Out of interest I'd like to ask, in which language is AllDup written in?

Greetings to you guys!

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