Error Report, Errors

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Error Report, Errors

Post by therube » 21 Aug 2019, 23:27

Error Report, Errors ;-).

I think.

Had a "crash".
Error Report popped up.
Quick look at the report, then clicked Save.

Wasn't sure what was supposed to happen at that point, whether I'd get a save dialog or just what?
Anyhow, seems the report was saved, automatically.
(Maybe that part is automatic?)

But now I'm unable to interact with the Error Report dialog anymore.

Neither AllDup (window), which is still open, nor the Error Report window are accepting focus.
I can click on the AllDup icon, & the window is brought to front, but it is not "focused" (border is gray).
Likewise the Error Report window is now "on top", but also is not "focused" (border is gray).
All I get with either, is a 'beep'.
(Clicking the Error Report causes AllDup (window) to become its' "background?, if it was not already.)
I do have a Select folder(s)... Alt+Tab "icon" (blue with 3 white folders, kind of looking thing), that is probably AllDup ? but I cannot interact with it.
Oh, it is AllDup & I was in the process of selecting folders folders when I crashed. That's why it says that.

So I guess you can ignore this part.
AllDup Crash unable to focus Error Report window.png

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Re: Error Report, Errors

Post by Administrator » 22 Aug 2019, 06:49

This focus problem occures when two windows from the same application have the TopMost flag set to True.
The last opened window stays at the top and the first opened window stays behind the second abut cathces the focus.
Maybe you can use the key combination ALT+ESC to switch between thw windows.

Please can you send me the bugreport to analyze the problem?

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Re: Error Report, Errors

Post by therube » 22 Aug 2019, 17:29

can you send me the bugreport
That's actually included in this post,

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