Finding Duplicates of DATA_01 and DATA_01(2)?

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Finding Duplicates of DATA_01 and DATA_01(2)?

Post by Foooxhound » 23 Jan 2018, 07:23

Hey there,
I'm using AllDup recently to thin out my whole picture-collection because there are so many duplicates created by several copy actions.

My problem is the following:
I have a folder with around 11.000 pictures with some duplicates in it. I can see them even if i only scroll through.
The files are named e.g. DCIM_001 and DCIM_001(2) - this was caused by several copy-actions where i kept both files.

Now I search for them with AllDup using the File Content Search, but it doesn't show me any duplicates and says after a few seconds that he finished searching through those 11.000 files.
I also tried with additional filters like (sorry for possible wrong translation!) filename, date of creation, date of changed, file size etc. in combination.

What do I have to do exactly to find those duplicates?

Please help me!

Kind regards

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Re: Finding Duplicates of DATA_01 and DATA_01(2)?

Post by therube » 23 Jan 2018, 18:46

And you're sure that the files in question are actually duplicates?
Files can look alike but be different, different tags or whatever.
Run a pair through a hash program & see that they do compare.

After that, just go through your settings.
Check your log.

You've selected the correct directory trees to search.
And you're looking through their subdirectories.

Compare method, is set correctly (like files from all source directories)?

File Filter, if you're using one, you're wanted file filter mask is correct?
File Size is not hampering the search?

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