RFE: Enhance 'Remove all files with the following source'

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RFE: Enhance 'Remove all files with the following source'

Post by therube » 05 Jun 2014, 01:34

RFE: Enhancement to: 'Remove all files with the following source folder from the search result:'.

As it is now, only particular source folder (entire trees) are available for removal based on the original folder selections.

Sometimes after running a scan, you'll see parts of a tree that you want to ignore, that you say, "oh, why didn't I exclude that to begin with". But since its there, its done.

Right now, you can prune the entire tree, again based upon the particular path as originally specified.

There would be greater flexibility if you could prune only a subset of a particular tree, much like how 'Select/Deselect all files within the following source folder:' works, only this would deal with directories rather then files.

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